mandag 25. juli 2011

The fertilizer man

I can not give this man a more fitting name. Some will call him "the devil" or "low life" or "insane" but after setting off a car full of fertilizer bomb, and knowing what that smells like, I will always think of him as "the fertilizer man" no matter how much damage he made and how many lives he took.

While most of the world seems to have arrived at logical conclusions around the entire incident, I have come across some - I'd almost say appologists - who seem to have failed miserably at their quest for logical reasoning as the perpetrator himself. From the point of view of the Fertilizer Man himself, the idea that multicultralism is destroying Norwegian culture, I beg to ask the following questions:
  • If the big enemy is multiculturalism, why kill Norwegians?
  • If the humongous problem is the destruction of Norwegian culture, why kill Norwegian youth?
  • If the big fear is massacres performed by foreigners, why make it so blatantly obvious that the self proclaimed protector of Norwegian culture also is the greatest mass murderer of those who could bring Norwegian culture forth?
  • And if protection of Norwegian culture was so important, why so much fear of the smallest group of cultural immigration, when it is so blatantly obvious that the greatest threat to Norwegian culture is Mickey Mouse and Ronald McDonald?
The idea that he blows up some government buildings - sure, I can see that happen. Happens all around the world from time to time. Many people have their secret wish to blow up the parliament every time some strange taxation law or other regulations interfere with their daily lives. The Fertilizer Man got that one down. Fine. You're angry with government, you blow up goverment, I get it.

But shooting youth who have barely reached legal age - and some of them not even that - is just an appalling act of evil. And a rediculous one at that. You first claim that non-Norwegians are a problem, and then you go shoot Norwegians.

The only logic to this is the idea is the "monoculturalist vs multiculturalist" scenario. So the monoculturalist went to war against the multiculturalist. And that's where some of foreign mass media have picked up.

Russia Today is repeatedly reporting about a "multikulti fail" in Norway:

Even the title is wrong, insisting that he turned "against his own." He did not. In his world, he was the monoculturalist against the multiculturalist. That's where the "us vs them" was.

Taken out of context is the Norwegian border closure. While they are still investigating the possibility of the Fertilizer Man not acting on his own, police want to make sure they know who leaves the country. This, however, is being portrayed as a sign that the European Union is falling apart in distrust.

To make sure everyone gets the problem with multiculturalism, Russia Today interviews the Spokesman for the Union of Russian Communities in Sweden, who apparently met the Fertilizer Man in his youth:

His opinion is clear. Multiculturalism is bad, he says. Spokesman of Russian Communities in Sweden. What are you doing in Sweden? You're not Scandinavian. You're a spokesman for the Union of Russian Communities. Preserving Russian Culture. In Sweden. Side-by-side by with Swedish communities. What do we call this, again, when several cultures live side by side? Multiculturalism?

It is obvious that Russia and Israel are vested in monoculturalism and therefore support this view. Since the Fertilizer Man was a monoculturalist, and the media of both countries blame multiculturalism, they are fairly appologetic: It wasn't the Fertilizer Man's fault, he was forced to do this by the multiculturalism that wouldn't let him sleep at night.

Again, if blowing up the government in protest was all he did, fine, it's a protest. Absurdely aggressive to be in Norway, but it's a legit target in war, and to him, this is war. Youth camp? Sure, it was a political youth camp, but still.

With all the talk of "multikulti fail" and the preservation of Norwegian culture, I can't help but think of what Norwegian culture has been for the last few thousands of years. As a friend in Atlanta once pointed out - our genes look so incredibly diverse to be such a small country.

Guess what, even our genes are multicultural, as we have been trading, importing culture, slaves and wives from large parts of the world since at least the viking age. And we traded and lived side by side with the Sámi people, even paying them local taxes whilst visiting anything north of Trondheim until Sápmi was annexed by the king of Sweden.

Multiculturalism is nothing new in Norway, it's monoculturalism that's new. The strange, suspect idea that we can preserve a culture that has been in constant change since before our written history. And people like the Fertilizer Man are trying to kill Norwegian culture by the sword - or rather by dung heap.

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