mandag 25. april 2011

Pending name change

For a while, I have known that Agave has trademarked the name sqML for a product that is similar to (but not nearly as functional as) Trollsilm SQML. This has not been a problem, since development of Trollsilm SQML has been resting on a shelf for the last six years.

As I have pulled the product off the shelf, blown the dust off and started development again, I now see this as a pending problem. Not just in the form of possible law suits if I continue to use the name, but in the form of confusion between the products.

The new product will be open source, and it would therefore be fitting to open source the naming. SQML change 0.8.1 is therefore the actual name change, which will also affect the default extention used on the script/template files.

Suggestions will be accepted as comments to this blog post or to the facebook discussion until May 12th. As I ride from Paris to Amsterdam, I shall ponder the results.

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