mandag 4. april 2011

Polishing old gems

As I have done a few snippets of code here and there to make my life a little easier, I still have not found the ease with which I did things when I used my own Trollsilm SQML, not to be confused with SQmlTM - Which reminds me I should change name of the language while I still have the chance.

I wrote the SLOB database in 1999, the markup language in 2001, and stopped developing it ca 2005 due to time constraints. The tool is still being used by an ISP in Norway, hoping that development will commence. Because just like myself, their experience is that they just haven't found any alternative that allows you to whip up full blown web applications in such a straight forward and intuitive fashion than this.

This might sound like bragging, but as I am now faced with new challenges at work, I long for this tool. I looked up "the competition" (Ruby-on-rails), and found out that they were not really competition after all. Does SQML - or should I call it "TrollML?" - have the right to live again? Should I spend time continuing its development?

You betch'a! There are caveats, of course. Currently, the SLOB database is the one getting the most out of the language. I need better SQL integration that makes it as easy to deal with mySQL as it is to deal with SLOB. And most of all - an Apache module release. I have a good list of things that need to be done, and in which order. And most importantly, I can feel my fingertips getting tingly in anticipation to work on this project again.

Business model? Open source. It's not the technology itself I wish to monatize on in the future, but assisting people who wish to use it.

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